Vaccines save lives, but only if kept at the right temperature. Keeping these heat-sensitive vaccines at the right temperature can be a true challenge, especially in remote and under-developed areas around the world that have limited or no access to an electric power grid.

Designed in conjunction with DIVAF and PATH, and pre-qualified by the World Health Organization, SunDanzer’s BFRV55 and BFRV15 vaccine refrigerators solve a very important problem in the vaccine cold-chain by using solar direct-drive battery-free technology. SunDanzer’s vaccine refrigerators are built specifically to serve off-grid parts of the world and are powered directly by the sun.

These vaccine refrigerators are lined with a proprietary phase change material (PCM) built to maintain the required temperature range of 2°C to 8°C for vaccine refrigeration. The solar powered refrigerator uses the energy from the sun to “freeze” this phase change material and then uses the cooling from this material to keep the vaccine compartment cold during the night and on cloudy days.


SunDanzer Medical Refrigerator locations


East-West Array

For Solar Direct-Drive, it is less important to maximize energy production, and far more important to maximize daily compressor run time. A configuration unique to SunDanzer, the East-West array provides, on average, at least 3 more hours of compressor run time than a traditional South facing array. The East-West array provides sufficient power, longer. This configuration allows a fully illuminated panel to start the compressor early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The East-West array also allows the compressor to have more chances to run. Learn more about our East-West array here.


Top-Rated Freeze Protection

Many vaccine are susceptible to damage from both heating and freezing excursions. However, unlike heating excursions, freezing can result in rapid damage to many vaccines. Adoption of refrigerator technology and/or correct operation practices is critical in addressing the freezing problem. SunDanzer’s BFRV55 and BFRV15 vaccine refrigerators employ User Independent Freeze Protection, meaning freeze protection capabilities are independent of healthcare workers use and operation of the refrigerator. The vaccines can be stored anywhere in the fridge (even in contact with the walls!). No defrosting is required and the thermostat function/setting does not affect the freeze protection.

PCM freeze protection

Complete Kit in Crate

When you procure a SunDanzer vaccine refrigerator, you are provided with all of the equipment, tools and instructions needed to install. The kit comes complete with 4 solar panels, a compass, PV wiring, a universal solar panel mounting kit for roof mounting, grounding kit, 2 vaccine organization storage baskets, temperature display, a user and technician’s manual.

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