Since 1999, SunDanzer has been building high quality, high efficiency, battery-free solar refrigerators.  SunDanzer’s solar powered refrigerators were awarded NASA Invention of the Year in 2011.  With tens of thousands of units installed worldwide, SunDanzer has developed a reputation for reliability and outstanding energy efficiency.  It is our goal to build the most energy efficient refrigerators in the market using high quality, long life components. Whether you are keeping drinks cold off-the-grid, or maintaining critical vaccines in the remotest parts of the world, Sundanzer strives to provide the ideal product for the application.

Recently, Sundanzer has deployed a new milk cooling technology for remote dairy farmers in Kenya.  These solar powered milk coolers, designed for farms with 1-5 dairy cows, nearly double the farmer’s revenue from milk sales!  We hope to expand this technology to more East Africa counties in 2018.